We offer full services to help your marketing, sales and communication practices between Europe and China.



A good strategy to a new market is the key thing and first thing to success. We have experts knowing well how to grow your business in China, to provide you:

  • Strategy/project planning;
  • Project and event management;
  • Partnership management;
  • Training workshop/employee development;
  • Market analysis & research…


Copy writing is not translating. You need professionals to help you enter a new market with a total different language and business culture:

  • Marketing & Channel Strategy;
  • Marketing Planning;
  • Content production;
  • SEO & SEM
  • Media buying;
  • Analytics and reporting;
  • PR relationship management…


No matter on digital platforms or by traditional export, bringing benefits to clients is always our goal.

  • Product and service development;
  • E-commerce platform building and management;
  • Customer service management;
  • Products retailing;
  • Sales agent service…