We co-create growth with our clients


Nordic Friend is your partner on the way to China. We provide the resources and know-how to engage with Chinese audiences and build partnerships between Chinese organisations and businesses. Through strategic marketing and communications, we want to co-create growth with our clients.

We offer a full range of services to strengthen your marketing, sales and communication efforts in China. We aim to be the best in our field - this means putting a lot of effort in delivering our services with globally high standards. We have special expertise on large and rising digital platforms and media - on which we have successfully helped our client to operate on.



A solid strategy to a new market is the first step to success. Our network consists experts knowing well how to grow business across different industries in China. We offer you help with:

  • Strategy/project planning;

  • Market analysis & research;

  • Project and event management;

  • Partnership building and management;

  • Training/HR development;





You need professionals to help you enter and localise your brand in a compelling way to a market with significantly different language and culture. To reach your audiences, you need to understand the channel ecosystem of Chinese online landscape.

  • Marketing & channel strategy;

  • Creative & visual planning;

  • Integrated campaigns;

  • Content production;

  • Social media management;

  • Advertising;

  • Search engine management;

  • Influencer management;

  • Analytics and reporting;

  • PR management



There is no marketing without sales. In order to create and sustain growth, effective sales channels management is necessary. To find your spot on the fast developing Chinese market, you may need:

  • Product & service development;

  • Sales agency service;

  • E-commerce platform building and management;

  • Customer service management;

  • Retail channels;